What are you waiting for?ChatGPT is a game changer for nonprofits. If you aren’t already using it, get going.

Apologies in advance to vendors providing these services

As someone who shifted from corporate to nonprofit, I know firsthand how limited the resources can be. Many nonprofits are often stretched thin, with limited resources and tight budgets. Every dollar and every employee counts, which leaves no room for fluff or paying for things you don’t need.

Also many have employees in one job but serving multiple functional roles ie Marketing/Development manager or Grant Writer who also does social media.

This is where ChatGpt can literally THE GAME.

Admittedly for purist, it feels like cheating but careful editing allows you to bring the power of your insight, tone and voice vs. just copying and pasting. Which feels less icky (at least to me).

So here we go: (suggested prompts included)

  1. Grant Writing Assistance: ChatGPT can help you with grant writing by offering tips, editing services, and even suggesting potential grant opportunities. It can prevent that blank screen when starting out. (Example Prompt: what grant opportunities are available for nonprofits serving homeless youth in Las Vegas) or mind blowing prompt: write a grant proposal to serve meals to 100 homeless youth in Las Vegas
  2. Social Media Management: Need social media posts or blogs? Try using it for content creation ideas, scheduling posts, and analyzing engagement metrics to optimize their online presence.
    (Sample prompt: Write 10 tweets encouraging volunteerism in Silicon Valley)
  3. Donor Communication: Need donor communication? Try drafting thank-you letters, crafting fundraising appeals, and using it to suggest ways to improve donor engagement. Sample prompt – build a donor communication plan for major donors for a large pet adoption agency. Mind blowing prompt: write a compassionate thank you letter to the large donors of a dog adoption non profit – sincerely expressing appreciation and gratitude.
  4. Program Development: Need new program development ideas? It can offer ideas for new programs, providing feedback on existing programs, and suggesting ways to measure program impact. Example prompt: What are innovative ideas for new programs for my pet adoption nonprofit.
  5. Volunteer Management:Surprisingly ChatGPT can help nonprofits with volunteer management by offering suggestions for recruitment, training, and retention strategies. Also craft a donor journey if you don’t have one. Example prompt: craft a donor engagement plan for volunteers of Green Peace.
  6. Data Analysis: Yes even this! ChatGPT can help nonprofits with data analysis by offering suggestions for data collection, organization, and analysis methods that can help inform decision-making. Try this prompt : Is 25% a good repeat donor rate for a midsized non profit? If not what should be my goal and how do I get there ?
  7. Marketing and Public Relations: ChatGPT can help nonprofits with marketing and public relations by offering suggestions for branding, messaging, and media outreach strategies. Example prompt: What is the best positioning statement for an organization focused on supporting youth with (cause abc). Or also try “ write a press release introducing our new executive director of Ann Arbor Cares to the Ann Arbor community. He graduated from Harvard with a BA in Literature and worked for Feeding America for the last 12 years. “
  8. Website Development: ChatGPT can assist nonprofits with website development by offering suggestions for design, functionality, and content that can improve user experience and engagement. Try “write a request for proposal to update the website of the nonprofit Girls Run. ”
  9. Board Development: Nonprofits and boards can save time by using ChatGPT to assist with board development by offering suggestions for recruitment, training, and evaluation strategies that can help ensure strong governance and leadership. “ I am the new Board chair for the Miami Foundation for Animals. What criteria should I use to recruit new Board members and what are the best approaches. Please write a one pager with this information that I can give to the nominating chair”
  10. Strategic Planning: ChatGPT can assist nonprofits with strategic planning by offering suggestions for goal-setting, priority-setting, and action planning that can help achieve the organization’s mission and vision. Try this prompt: Help me build a strategic plan that will help Soles for Souls – a nonprofit focused on providing shoes to homeless seniors grow to national prominence in the next five years .

In summary, ChatGPT is an absolute game changer for nonprofits (or anyone who writes for that matter). The paid version is unnecessary at the moment but absolutely worth it. I would wager that it is good to secure it at current pricing with hopes of being grandfathered when the prices increase. The ROI is immeasurable.

Play around and see how you can free your time. The value equation is currently stacked highly in your favor. If I was a betting woman, I would say this won’t be free for too long. The Value is just too great at the moment.

It is time to hop on the AI train so that you can free up your time to do the actual work of executing on your mission.

You’re welcome

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