Year 1 as CEO: What I’ve learned

This week I celebrated one year at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound and I thought I’d share a few learnings from my first year.

Reflections on 1 year as CEO

  1. Resist the urge to be a know it all. Rather, perfect being a “Llsten and Learn it all”. Lessons and guidance are all over the organization, you just have to listen closely to find them. So many of our successes this year came from my many listening sessions.
  2. Find something to pump you up when you have moments of doubt, because you will undoubtedly have them. For me it was lots of prayer, Robin Arzon, Lizzo Beeating and Beyoncé. I was supported by Lizzo’s anthemic music and Robin’s motivational talks on Peloton Interactive Bike reminding me to fix my crown. Brené Brown also served as a reminder that there is strength in vulnerability.
  3. Reach out to others who are “in the arena”. I’m grateful for Andrea Lovanhill Loria Yeadon Elycia Cook Denise Barkhurst Jeannine Gant Lillian Samuel, MNA Charmayne Turner Gale Nelson Lydia I. Muniz Kwame Johnson Pat Sukhum and Artis Stevens for taking my calls.
  4. Get the support of amazing coaches to help you unleash your greatness. I’m so very grateful to Kelly Tweeddale ACC, CEC Shelley Stanyer and Beryl Basham .
  5. Build a great relationship with your BOD and really leverage their skills and talents. I’m grateful to have a really sharp Board who love this organization. They are a gift. maurice james
  6. Have principles and don’t waiver. For me, that meant keeping transparency, accountability and mutual respect at the core of my actions. This affected not only “what” I did but “how” I did it. This helped me courageously make needed difficult decisions with my principles at the forefront. This helped me sleep at night.
  7. Be bold and trust yourself. If you have listened and learned, have support from those who are in the arena, and rooted yourself in principles. You are on your way. You’ve got this.
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