From Microsoft to Mission work

When I leave this earth, I want to be used up.

Thank you Microsoft Alumni Network for inviting me to share a bit about how I went from breakfast with Betsy Webb and Chris Capossela and a great role at Microsoft to CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound. It was so good to reflect on the moments in my career that lead me to where I am today – which I believe is right where I am supposed to be.

As I reflected on my career journey, I was reminded of moments and people that inspired me along the way. Some of my early inspirations – were Lauren Woodman Lori Forte Harnick Suzan DelBeneTony Mestres – who were great examples of how to successfully move from corporate to the public sector. I watched with admiration how they navigated both spaces with aplomb. They probably have no idea how impactful they were on my path. Thank you

Additionally – I shared how working for a company like #microsoft that values giving and philanthropy, bleeds over into other areas of your life. It impacts more than the annual amount of donations, it gets into the very fiber of who you are. That charitable spirit along with my work in #microsofteducation and the individuals named above, fueled my journey and passion for making a difference.

Finally – Paul Shoemaker, Stacy Harris and the Beyond the Blue Badge Team, thank you for work. It was such a joy to work together.

I hope listening encourages you to use your gifts, talents and resources to help make the world a better place. Feel free to start by becoming a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters:)

career #people #philanthropy #mentoring

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