A call to action for women everywhere – brag more. That’s right. I said it.

As we celebrate women, I want to reinforce the importance of owning and sharing our stories.

When women share, we create space for other women to learn and grow and be pulled up alongside us.

Gender equality can be achieved by changing systems and through empowerment. We empower others when we share our stories. But many women struggle to do so.

In a recent study called The Self-Promotion Gap, it was noted that the majority (83 percent) of women value hearing about each other’s accomplishments; no big surprise there. What’s more surprising is that a majority (69 percent) of women would rather downplay their own accomplishments than talk about them. Think about that: We would rather seem like less than we are. In fact it said that women would rather run errands in the rain, than share about themselves.

So I challenge you to share your stories of both triumph and trauma. The world needs your voice.

#women #choosetochallenge2021 #speakup #womenshistorymonth #internationaldayofwomen


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