Enneagram insights

I recently used the Enneagram personality profile as a insight building tool for my team. We’d done Meyers Briggs and found it helpful but not super insightful.  The Enneagram activity resulted in a deeper level of insight and self-awareness.

I am a 3 with 8 as my secondary type. I have 6 and 9 wings (I believe) . The 3 is scarily accurate and the description of being one who “strives to be outstanding” is spot on. I have my own incredibly high standard for myself that sometimes make me over perform, over function and over achieve. It also make sure me take responsibility for things that I don’t own.

I’ve had my family complete it and found it really helpful – especially with my spouse.

We used two books to guide our discovery: Enneagram made simple and Awareness to Action .

enneagram image

I found a gap when looking for a team activity that would allow everyone to share and get insight at the same time. So I created this worksheet for the team to use for individual reflection and sharing

enneagram team activity

3 thoughts on “Enneagram insights”

  1. Hello, are you able to share that enneagram worksheet? I would love to use it for my team. Thank you, Jenny Lambert

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