What do open source, predictive analytics and swim lessons have to do with each other?  

A lot – a least at the Y.
I recently had the pleasure of representing the Seattle Y on a panel discussion about the benefits of open source software at the YMCA of the USA National Membership Forum. The YMCA of Greater Seattle is a national leader in the adoption of open source software – Drupal in particular. The beauty of this path is that it allows all 830+ Y associations across the nation to leverage the same code and ultimately do more with less. 

I’m so excited for the future of technology at the Y. We are actively exploring the role of AI, virtual reality and predictive analytics in helping us achieve our mission. I’d love to continue to explore ways other nonprofits are leveraging innovation and technology for good. 
Special shout out to my team Shawn Chang Jennifer Kilchenmann for their everyday leadership and innovation. Also to Bob Thomas & Nathan Maehren for helping to ignite a national collective across the Y movement. #techforgood #drupal

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