Ode to my tumor- written 12/17 on the eve of surgery

Dear Tumor,
Thank you for coming into my life and taking up residence in my hip. I hate that you are here but I’m grateful for the lessons you brought with you.
I learned that I really need and want people in my life… Going at it alone is crappy.

I learned that I cannot ignore myself, My body will not let me.

I learned to listen to my inner voice and to let her scream every now and then.

I learned that the body doesn’t lie.. I just need to listen.

I learned that people will help you more than you imagine if you only let them.. And it feels good to let them..

I learned that being vulnerable is necessary for growth and also for healing ..

I learned that sometimes you have to let some balls drop..

I learned that girlfriend therapy is good stuff !

I’ve learned that some decisions are either an absolute Yes or they are a no..and it is ok to say NO.

I learned (yet again) that my desires and God’s will may be completely different but I will still be taken care of.

Tumor, you’ve brought tears and even mourning yet I am still grateful. We tried to radiate you and shrink you , but you didn’t want to go out like that. You want to go out on a surgical table and try to take my mobility with you.

Well what you don’t know, is that I am strong and a fighter. What you don’t know is that I serve a very powerful God. Despite your plans, I will walk again.. Heck I will run and bike again. Even if I am on a walker or cane for the rest of my life , I will do so with joy . I will still be grateful.

Peace out and good riddens!

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